The true psyche of a dog consists of instincts, drive, & character traits. These can exist in a variety of combinations from dog to dog. Different breeds have particular combinations that suit them for certain tasks. In addition to varying combinations, the instincts, drives, & character traits may exist in varying degrees within a particular dog.

  • Search & Rescue

  • Tracking & Apprehension

  • Bomb Dogs

  • Sportsman Tracking

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Basic Training

Your dog is going to try you the first few times. This is okay, they just want to see what you will let them get away with, & and if you know what they have been taught. You want to let your dog know you’re in charge and to listen to you. We accept dogs after 16 weeks, and up to 1 year for the Puppy obedience and 1-3 years is for full obedience training.

Initial Training

At first, you should train with your dog every day until you are comfortable with your dog. Then you can move to twice a week on training with your dog.

Malinois Dog Sit Outdoors In Green Grass

You should always work with your dog in 15-20 minute sessions and then take a break from training.

ALWAYS allow an 8-foot diameter between you and your dog. They do not like to be crowded. This is for when you are in public settings.

Take your dog on outings to make them part of your pack! 

Always be relaxed and take charge of your dog. Talk to him like you would talk to your kids if they do something they should not. Be sure to use a stern voice for the negative reinforcement, and use a happy cheerful voice during positive reinforcement.

Young woman train german shepherd dog to sit

Voice Commands

Stress your commands with your body movement and tone, & do not snap at the dog during training.

Holland Shepherd

Leash Commands

Relax and have ease with your hand on the leash so the dog will relax with you. Try not to snatch on the leash unless needed. Always walk with the dog on your left.

Young woman tell dog to lay down on grass,obedience training

Hand Signals

We also teach the dog hand signals so you should not have to use your voice for a command every time. 


The K-9 Training Center also provides a boarding service. To be able to board your dog, you must provide the following:

  • up-to-date shot record

  • Food Supply for Entire Visit